January 28th, 2004

johnny cash

General Memo, Please Circulate...

It's come to my attention that someone is filling my inbox with email viruses. Now, I do not use Outlook, nor am I a retard who opens strange attachments. I ask that you cease and desist; it's getting feking annoying. Realy bloody feking annoying. As bad as spam.  Worse even.

In other news, Noah is downstairs for the second day; we were playing D&D Heroes, but now I've got him on a PS racing game, which spares me thumb strain; the kid could play all day. Of course, because Noah decided to not follow instructions, I'm going to have to explain to Tim why someone saved over his D&D Heroes game. Fortunately, I have a backup of his character, and a save from where he was yesterday. So he only lost an hour or two of playing (unless he played longer than I thought last night).