January 27th, 2004

johnny cash

Oh and..

There was a snowday in schools today, so I'm babysitting Elizabeth's cute little terror, Noah. I won't be online much, but I'll try to check IM if anyone needs me (specifically Cate, who may have ride trouble or something).
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This is the second image in what I term my "Screenshots Collection". My theory is this: a screenshot is a photograph, and can be as expressive as any other form of art. I'm at a loss for _what_ to do with them exactly. Though I think working with video game screenshots, I might be able to do something more interesting. I'm open to suggestions though; if you have an idea for a screenshot image, let me know.
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New Serial Story : David Crane : MMORPG PI

As I scribble at my story, I'm noticing it getting longer and longer, and it's already too long to post whole. And since most people won't read it when it's long anyway, I'll try and get more people reading it by posting small snippets. So here's the first bit (again) to try and get people reading.

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An inspired rant...

...in favor of Ikea, Starbucks and their ilk.

I do conditionally agree with alot of his points. Massive-mega-corp chains aren't the disease, their the symptom. Hell, alot of the stuff I see coming from Ikea I actually like. Starbucks coffee isn't horrendous, though I find the quality lower than indie coffee bars, and I find the service at places like The Daily Grind to be more than wonderful.

In defense of Fight Club, and in an assault on some of its fans, I don't think the movie ever was attacking Ikea, as much as it was attacking the "Ikea Mentality"; the yuppie lifestyle where material possessions are the definition of identity.

And the three companies he defends by name, Ikea, Nike, and Starbucks, are everywhere. And they are manipulative, and in the case of Starbucks, anti-competitive. Their business model is designed to run out any competition through saturation, then shut down the majority of those new franchises in a specific region. Sure, Starbucks might have taught this nation how to appreciate coffee, but it's come a long way and can be downright evil in its business practices. And there's a big jump from making a new type of sole in your garage with a waffle iron and slave labor in Malaysia.

As for Ikea... I don't know anything about their business practices. In fact, everything I've seen is that they're benign, and it's the Ikea adherents that really irk me. I don't see any of the normal mega-corp behavior from them, despite the size of their chain. And c'mon, some of the stuff they sell has a nice look. Just don't think you're unique or original for buying it, because it may seem new, but in thirty-six hours, it's trendy.