January 26th, 2004


Hey... look at this...

Run the linux kernel as a service under WinNT/2000/XP. Very very interesting. I'm looking at the build instructions and going "Eep", but once I get it working (if) I'll let you know how it works out. At any rate, it allows the native execution of linux apps, which spares me from the complexity of getting certain things to run in Cygwin.

It figures though, Windows embedded Linux matures faster than Linux embedded Windows apps. Back when I tried out WINE, the only windows app that ran consistantly was Notepad, and that was pretty glitchy.
johnny cash


Spirit Rover Team Leader learns why running Kazaa on space probes is bad.
Just because he's had a hip replacement doesn't mean that the pope can't bust a funky groove with the best of them.

Meanwhile, Warren Ellis laments that the new social networking tools, like Friendster, Tribe, and google's new Orkut all suck. Hey buddy, ever hear of Livejournal?

Oh wait... you have.

Seriously though, LJ may be a blogging tool, but it also doubles for social networking in a way that social networking sites haven't yet discovered.

Things I'll say when I'm an elected official...

Let me explain to you how I read letters from my constituents. Lets say I am in favor of a certain bill. I get ten million letters saying, "Yes! Vote for it!" I'll read one of those. And lets say I get two letters that say, "No! This bill is wrong." I'll read all of those. I don't need millions of people to tell me when I'm right; but I need people who will tell me when I'm wrong. My position is not subject to the wims of polls or popular opinion. When I make a decision, it's because I, personally, believe that it is the right decision. Not because everyone else thinks it is.

Usually, the ten million letters win; after all, if ten million people believe something, there's probably a good reason for it. Probably, and let me stress that. After all, look at popular media, music, movies, television, books... just because millions of people like something doesn't mean its good. It just means its popular.

If this republic were meant to be run by popular opinion, you wouldn't need me. A trained monkey could weight letters and read polls and just do what everyone else thought was right. When people vote for me, they vote because they believe I can make the right decisions for my constituents. The right decision for my country.