January 16th, 2004

johnny cash

The death of a legend...

You may already know, but if you have not yet heard, Goatse is dead. Yes, the long reputed Goatse, home of one of the biggest "squicks" on the internet, is no more.

But don't be afraid, there's a petition to get it restored. Because what is the Internet without the base and vile? And might I add, I've seen porn sites offering images akin to the content of Goatse as erotic.

Oh, and speaking of strange things to see on the interweb, some guy turned a civic into an H-Wing fighter. Apples, Ben, you have civics. I want no excuses. Get on this.

Just so you know...

...when the oil crash happens, I want you to remember this: the SCA is the second largest standing private army in the world... and all of their tech is pre-industrial levels of production.
And the geek shall inherit the earth. -- Matthew, 42:3.14