January 13th, 2004

run the fuck away

Only a test

So, I was fiddling around with using XML-RPC for my ChainChat application. I decided, since I was fiddling with XML-RPC, I'd go back to working on my LJ client. I have login and posting implemented. It's all hardcoded at the moment, but, figure in a few more days, I can have a schway GUI and some more interesting features. That's the goal at least. So I can get the XML-RPC client working properly, of course, the server (another important part of ChainChat) on the other hand, is in a sad, sad state. Oh well, that's what geeks are for.
Oh, and this was posted via my new LJ client. Yay me.
run the fuck away

Cultural Protectionism

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This is terribly interesting. For those of you that don't bother to read the cut, let me summaraize. There's an organization (INCP), that wants to exclude "cultural" products from any free trade talks. Why? They want to be able to put import restrictions on american entertainment, to prevent the Americanization of their culture. This article, from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, obviously wants to rail against this. I'm mixed. I already don't like global free trade because of the people in control- large, exploitative corporations. Also, American culture is structured in such a way that makes it virulent. People from all over the world come into contact with American Culture, and rapidly americanize- or they polarize against it. I can understand the desire for cultural protectionism. People like their traditions...

Still, the citizens also should be free to americanize, as much as I loathe the idea.

Something to think about...