January 12th, 2004


Family Values

I support family values. Let me make that clear. The family, as a social unit, forms the basic atomic component of any society that has ever existed. Why this is forms the basis of a very interesting anthropological argument. However, the family unit has been all but eradicated with the advent of modern transportation, starting with the automobile, and culminating with jet travel. No longer do children grow old in the same town where they grew up. We move around, constantly, and the number of moves an individual makes in their lifetime is continuing to increase. As children grow old in parts of the country geographically distant from their parents, grandparents, and other traditional family members, they also grow socially distant.

Many of the problems conservatives track back to a lack of family values arise from this issue. Not so much the loss of values, as the loss of family. The basic structure that holds society together has frayed.
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