January 7th, 2004

run the fuck away

More stupid and real news...

The Guberment provides tips on how to keep from paying your employees from getting overtime. Mind you, they're "...not saying anybody should do any of this". They just want to let people know how they can get away with it within the law. Thanks for your trickledown economics fuckers. Unfortunately, we've already shown it doesn't really work. It was called the early 90's, where we paid for the 80's. Thanks for the thought though.

What happens when kids Smartmob? Trouble. This one's touchy, with a balance of "what right do children have to free speech?" and "what's required to keep a healthy learning environment?" With free-speech comes a responsibility to use it wisely, which we aren't training our children in. This blowup shows that clearly. I can condone killing the site this way: school is like work to a degree. There is work that has to be done, and if "free-speech" is causing a distraction through misuse, then the school does have to take a stance that curtails that. Mind you, this can become a slippery slope which demands robotic regurgitated behavior from our students. My response? Instead of letting things like schoolscandals.com get out of control, the school should, where possible, provide a moderated forum where students and teachers can discuss issues. Even allow anonynimity, I'm fine with that. But we can attempt to teach our children how to discuss and be controversial responsibly. I wish I had an opportunity to do that. If something like that were available, my friend Elizabeth wouldn't have been kicked out of High School for running an underground-anti-administration newspaper.

Okay, time for another fucktarded asshat. A woman is claiming that she lost her lottery ticket. She filed a police report, and when it came in as a winner, she sued the person who cashed it. Whups... I'm sorry, but the ticket requires no proof of ownership. In this case, possession is all of the law. You should have been more careful, shut up, go home, and die. Please.

Okay, and for all of the caffine fans in the audience, the Economist is running a schway article on how Traditional coffee houses (17th + 18th century) relate to modern cybercafes. Yay information exchange. Though any coffee drinker can tell you, "...that Grave and Wholesome Liquor..." does not "...heal the Stomach". Neet stuff though.

See, don't you love me for informing you? Love me, and shower your graces upon me.
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run the fuck away


I know this guy. (Amusing comic)
Meanwhile, someone points out why weblogs suck. All of their points are valid and well argued, and have convinced me to stop blogging. Wait, no they haven't. But they're still right. I'm in the realm of the "Self-Important Moron", who actually thinks people care about my opinions on world issues. And even if they don't, those of you that have me on your friends page are going to have to suffer through my rants anyway.

Now, Mirimax owns all of the distribution righs for several Hong Kong flicks (I've mentioned this before). But, they're taking it a step further. Not only do they go after peole distributing the foreign language versions in the US, they're going after sites that link to sites that distribute them outside of the US. Yes, that's right. A foreign site distributes the film legally. A US site links to the site that sells the film legally. According to Mirimax, that site is breaking the law. So they send a made up Cease and Desist letter and try to shut down Kung Fu Cult Cinema.
KFC Cinema's response.

Apparently, yesterday wasn't the day of the fucktards and I could escape it. No, it spilled over into today: Girl scouts are taught to make the "hard sell" on their cookies. "You already bought some? Well, don't buy these to eat, donate them to troops overseas." Now, in all honesty, I actually approve of the fact that customers can buy cookies for overseas soldiers. But teaching the kids to be pushy salesmen depresses me. I'm going to go kill something until it makes me feel better.

In a case of "I could have told you that", they've discovered that the UIs in aircraft aren't user friendly, and this can lead to a crash. In a crisis, the pilots get too much information and it causes confusion. Really? As a kid, I always wondered why cockpits had so much crap in them, when I could use a flightsim with a handful of guages. What other information was really that important? I just wrote it off as "stuff I don't know enough about." But, the more I think about it, the more I realize that piloting isn't so complicated that it requires a wall-o-guages. An intelligent interface (computer based) would be ideal- it would display pertinent information in real-time.

Now, in a story that really gets me happy, Action figures becomes an art-form, and gets freed from corporate activity in the process. None of these really appealed to me, but the idea that more people than metaphorge are really getting into the action-figure mod/creation racket appeals to me greatly.
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run the fuck away


...still not free of the fucktards. Oh yeah... this is a winner. This woman just loves Chanel products. So, she names her daughter Chanel, and gets a tattoo of the Chanel logo on her neck, and her husband gets one on his chest, in honor of their daughter. "And I'll be she'll want one when she turns 18." Yeah, it's going to be a tossup between a tattoo to match my fucktarded parents, or a lawsuit for the childhood of fuckedupness that I had to suffer through.

Hi, these are my kids, Hummer, Gucci and Johnson+Mills.

Now, once I get over my horror, I can recover to make some more well thought out commentary. Wait, no I can't. Let me kill someone, please.
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