January 6th, 2004

run the fuck away

Day of the Retards...

Today, as I browsed my newsfeeds, I noticed a theme: they were full of retards. I'm not talking just run of the mill stupid either, this is a full-out D-Day offensive of stupid.

For example, a tabloid steals a webmag's article and runs it as their own work. Their excuse? "Well, if it's on the internet it's up for grabs. You can't copyright anything on the internet."

Don't have the balls for Russian Roulette with an actual gun? That's okay, you can play the home version which administers a mild electric shock. Now, I like getting electric shocks, because I'm strange and have an electricity fetish. But most people find this an unpleasant experience. So lets take something unpleasant and make a game out of it, and set it up so only one in four players experiences the unpleasantness. I'll make my own version, "Dog-sodomy"- one in four players has to be sodomized by a mastif. Fun for all ages.

Meanwhile, though total yellow journalism, the NY Post points out a few of the stupid ass things that are being enforced in NYC. Shit like this: * Kim Phann and Bruce Rosado, fined for "loitering in front of a business" while taking a smoke break outside the Bronx barber shop where they work."

So yeah, the retards come marching in. All of you morons who feel the urge to think everything on the internet is free, or to climb into a crane-game machine, think twice before you get your stupid on me. I'll execute the stupid with extreme predjudice; I'll cap it like a Marine caps an Iraqi yo. Don't take no shit.
Please god someone start the nuclear exchange so I won't have to suffer the existance of these fucktards any longer.

Okay wait... it's not all bad. While the Feds purposefully apply laws for things they were never meant for, Citizens can do it too! That's right, President served with RICO compaint.

Plus... you can Poke the Penguin- but be careful.
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run the fuck away

Remember what I said about morons?

Well fuck me if they haven't struck again.

I'm going to start walking around asking, "Why do you deserve to live?" to people, and if they spend more than twenty seconds organizing their thoughts, I'm going to kill them. I swear to fucking god. People need to die. Normally, these individual incidents of stupidity would amuse me... provided they happen weeks apart. But no, I'm being assaulted by stupid today- every link someone posts has some other stupid that makes me hate mankind for the sack of rotting flesh that it is.

Do you doubt me? Do you think I make this shit up? That I'm just being bitchy and ranting?
Fine ya fuckers, if you don't believe me, burn your eyes.

Now tell me I shouldn't be allowed to kill people that annoy me.
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run the fuck away

::cue hallelujia chorus, glowing lights::

*gasp* Okay, here's something cool. I've read it, quoted it, and reccomended it countless times, but Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is available to download for free. Why? Because Cory Doctorow is awesome. And because he's discovered that it leads to him selling more books. So there is now no good excuse for not reading this. You can't claim inability to find it. Nor lack of funds. Nor lack of time- it's a few hours of reading tops. I pranced through it in a single sitting the first time I read it, and it was no marathon session. You can't even claim there's no compatible download format because most imaginable formats are on there.

And, speaking of books: I want to read this. It sounds craptastic.

Go. Download. Read. (I'm going to write a book about all this cool shit I discover and think about)
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run the fuck away

Yet more stupid...

The stupid isn't that they yanked her off of the flight because wires were coming out of her jacket. That's only mildly stupid. No, think about this. They think she might have been involved in a bomb being placed on the plane. So they pull her, and then there's this quote:
However, baggage from the flight will be screened on arrival in Cincinnati "from an abundance of caution".
That's right chappies. They search the baggage after the plane reaches its destination.

Friendly skies.

Meanwhile, these folks win the sharpest spoon in the elevator at the top floor empty deck prize. They made an anti-Dean ad, which is the most hilarious sendup of the right-wing I have ever heard. I mean, it's frikkin hilarious. Get your latte-drinking ass back to Vermont you pinko hippies...

They're dumb, but they made me laugh. Good enough.
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Copyright Question:

You visit a site and it features a large document or graphic that you find useful. So useful in fact, that you download a copy of it so that you don't have to visit the page to download it, and can use it when you are offline.

Is that wrong? Does it violate our understanding of copyright law?

What if that site makes it profit from advertising? Does that change the interpretation?
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