December 18th, 2003


Its so veryvery sad...

atomox's webhost is down. And since he was kind enough to let me use his unlimited space/bandwith, that was where I was posting my memes and other stuff worth seeing. LCC was there.

But what makes it veryvery sad is that I created a new meme, and this one's actually decent. Unfortunately, I can't share it with you. Unless someone knows of some decent free webspace that can handle perl scripts? Hrmmmm? Anyone?

I've got the t3knomeme script tweaked out so that a new meme can be banged out in just a few minutes. Sure, there are four files that need to be created to get the script to work, but for the most part, renaming existing files is enough. In fact, I'm thinking that in the next iteration, seperate files per meme might be done away with and then its just a matter of creating the memefile. A flat text file with a list of possible responses.

That reminds me, I have a CGI question. I have a CGI query object, $query. I'm using $query->start_html(-title=>$title, -style=>$stylesheet); where $stylesheet contains the stylesheet. I've tried several versions of calls to that, passing the stylesheet file name, using a sub method src, all sorts of stuff. Does anyone know how to get the start_html method to actually generate stylesheet information? That'd be really nice.

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run the fuck away


Speaking of things that suck, the rear brakes on my car have locked closed. Which is going to mean going over there with the Chilton's Manual and having fun with something I know nothing about, so that I can sell the feking car.

Have I mentioned I hate cars?
run the fuck away

Shamelessly yoinked...

...from technopaganism:
"Oh, Physical Layer please define the electrical (energy),
mechanical, procedural, and functional specifications for
maintaining, and deactivating the physical link between hosts.
In the
name of Hubs, Cables, and Repeaters please consecrate This LAN.

"Oh Data Link Layer please provide the transit of data across a
physical link. In the name of Bridges and Switches please
This LAN.

"Oh Network Layer please provide path selection. In the name of
Routers and IP please consecrate This LAN.

"Oh Transport Layer please segment data from the sending host's
system and reassembles the data into a data stream on the
host's system. The reliability of connection between two hosts
is the
concern of Yours. In the name of TCP and UDP please consecrate

"Oh Session layer please establish, manage and terminate
between two communicating hosts. In the name of Windows, Linux,
and Mac please consecrate This LAN.

"Oh, Presentation layer please ensure that the information/memes
I send out is readable to other systems. In the name of ASCI,
and MP3 please consecrate This LAN.

"Oh, Application layer please provide visual applications for
user to network services like file sharing. In the name of
Telnet and
HTTP please consecrate This LAN."
johnny cash

Stan's Soapbox...

One of the things we try to demonstrate in our yarns is that nobody is all good, or all bad. Even a shoddy supervillain can have a redeeming trait, just as any howlin' hero might have his nutty hangups. One of the greatest barriers to real peace and justice in this troubled world is the feeling that everyone on the other side of the idealogical fence is a "bad guy". We don't know if you're a far out radical, or Mr. Establishment himself - if you're a black militant or a white liberal - if you're a pantin' protest marcher or a jolly John Bircher - but, whatever you are, don't get bogged down by kindergarten labels! It's time we learned how fruitless it is to think in terms of us and them - of black and white. Maybe, just maybe, the other side isn't all bad. MAybe your own point of view isn't the only one that's divinely inspired. Maybe we'll never find true understanding until we listen to the other guy; and until we realize that we can never marche across the Rainbow Bridge to true Nirvana - unless we do it side-by-side.

From the rear section of "Iron Man" Vol. 1, No. 12, 1969
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