December 16th, 2003

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After reading...

...this, I have some questions.

  • What lab performed the DNA analysis?

But the doozy:
  • What sample did they test Hussein's DNA against?

They just happened to have some genetic material lying around? Where did the original DNA sample come from? Hmmm?
run the fuck away

Kunich's Platform

His platform, and my response.
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So, do I support his platform? Overall, yes. I think several planks are bullshit, or poorly considered, but he's an improvement over Bush. Do I think this platform is strong enough for him to be the democratic canidate? No. I think that, unless Bush does something exceedingly stupid in the next year, Kunich will get slaughtered by Bushies corporate ties. Anyone who's going to oust Bush needs to be more middle of the road. Gay rights is a good token issue, and alternative energy has to be in there, just to differentiate from Bush. There has to be a plank for rebuilding our broken international ties.

And I think, what I'll spend some time doing is coming up with the idea Anti-Bush platform. A stance to get Bush out without selling out.
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The Free Speech Zone

The American Conservative ran an article that I actually approved of. Hell, even the Pat Buchanan quote at the top is something I approve of.
The conservative movement has been hijacked and turned into a globalist, interventionist, open borders ideology, which is not the conservative movement I grew up with."
This isn't to say that Patty shouldn't eat shit and die, but that quote at least holds some truth.

Now, onto the "Free-Speech Zone". Most of us have probably heard of the president's blocking of protestors. When he visits places, they have to be shoved away, out of sight, and out of mind. Oh, thier allowed to protest. This is America, they have every right to protest. They just have to be contained is all. Limited area, can't have any more February 15th fiascos. Good, safe distance from the president, there are terrorists out there ya know.

And so in the twenty-first century, the biggest sweeping change in American government is that Free-Speech is something that can be contained in a "zone". That there are restrictions on our right to free speech, above and beyond libel, slander, and reckless behavior.
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The fun one can have...

with the Saddam doll.

I'll let the stupidity speak for itself.

Speaking of stupidity, I got the latest version of Trillian and the Trillperl plugin for it, and have once again begun scripting my IMs. I've implemented a few commands as of yet, look up my AIM name in my profile and give some a shot...

!insult - recieve a scathing insult from me.
!newinsult insulttext - add an insult to the list.
!fortune - recieve a druid sticks reading.
!help - find out the most recent command list.

The real prize though is something that needs to be secured- !perl commands allows you to execute perl statements from the IM window. Note, none of you can do that; its locked to my screenames for obvious security reasons.

(like !perl system("format", "c:"), which would make me very unhappy)

The most amazing thing about Trillperl? It supports threading. I'm going to experiment with using that and bidirectional pipes to create the capacity to enter a shell from the IM window. Way powerful, way cool. My only concern is that it'll read bash's STDOUT, but not the STDOUT of the programs you launch from bash. We'll have to experiment, won't we.

Meanwhile, there's trouble waiting to happen.

Things that happen...

...when I get a smidge bored.

You know the infamous memegen? I made what is officially, the crappiest meme ever. Take it! I want the crappiest meme ever to propogate around the blog scene! I want everyone with a blog to take it! SUFFER people, SUFFER!

I expanded the list since I last took it, so results may change.

World's Crappiest Meme
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t3knomanserWhy did you fucking bother?

Take the crappiest meme ever.
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Remember a few days ago...

...when I talked about how advertisers try and eat up all your brainspace? Wired talks about a new technological approach. Facial recognition combined with a projector... you approach a wall, and the advertisments customize to you. Perhaps even start talking about the object you're handling in a store.

Great, isn't it?

At least it looks like thier current thought is to put it in shopping places- there are allowed to be ads in shopping places; if they get too annoying or intrusive, I won't shop there.

Some of you might also remember the augmented reality pacman I talked about? Well, apply that to Quake. It's jumpy, but impressive. Watch a few videoes.
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