December 13th, 2003

Rainbow Me

Unbreakable and the "Real World"

In the film Unbreakable, it was posited that comic books were based on reality. Someplace, someone, experienced something akin to comic books. Then the commercial machine took hold of that and pulped it out into what we think of as comics, with super powers and so forth.

The four part series from Marvel, "Unstable Molocules" demonstrates that. You see, the "Fantastic Four" were not fictional people. They were based on real people that the comic artists knew. And "Unstable Molocules" is that story. No superpowers, nothing incredible... just real people. Real events. With sources and notes at the end of every issue.

Terribly cool shit.
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My journal and friends page look the way I want them too now. With scroll bars and everything. Now when people forget LJ cuts, I won't care.

This tutorial was the one I used to get things perfect.

Well, everything's almost right. Some minor glitches on my journal page.
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I live off...

...RSS feeds. Half my friends page is feeds from other places (thank you LJ for being an aggregator, no?). So the fact that someone is running a contest to rename RSS strikes my fancy. Being a geek, I just call it RSS, but that isn't a catchy name. My entries?
  • feeder
  • grate (as in aggregate)
  • flashfeed
Enter! Comment with your entry! I'm curious. Personally, grate is my favorite (and yes, I know grate isn't in aggregate... but it sounds like it should be). I mean, seriously, "grating"... I'm pulling small bits of stuff I want off the web. It just sounds right. Flashfeed is my second favorite, but I declare: "GO GRATE!"
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