December 9th, 2003

run the fuck away

Open Source goes Hardware...

With the OpenRISC 1000 chip. This reminds me of one of the exchanges in Hackers. "I can't wait for RISC." "RISC is going to change everything." Well... it didn't. This on the other hand, has a chance of doing that. OS isn't about doing something no one else can do- the traditional business model. It's about doing stuff anyone else can do, but providing a service.

Some OSers probably are starting to think that this is going a little far. I mean, OS works because software is just ideas; it's not a real thing. But now we're blurring that line between ideas and things, and I say more power to it. The more used we are to describing things as ideas, the more powerful our software is going to get.


Tim and I were working on a character designer for the roleplaying system that we're working on together. Tim and I can't code together.

Here is the thing. I code right. Textbook, down the line OOD&P. I break it up, I lay it out neet, I document.

Tim does not. Tim codes in the prehistoric unix style, ie. slap the code out, hope no one else can read it, and hence secure your job. Why? Because it's "easier". It doesn't matter, I'm not planning to use this again. I'm sorry... you don't expect to recycle code from something as useful as a character generator?

So, in protest, I've started making my own chargen for COTS. Mind you, no one I talk to online has ever heard of COTS, which is making it difficult to download a copy. But I remember the chargen pretty well, and with the starter rules on the website, I've been able to hack most of the character generation out. And I used objects, and lots of. As opposed to the real sloppy way Tim was working on things.

To reveal the depth of my geek-horror... he didn't even plan. When I code, even if you just see me sit down at the keyboard and start hacking, I've been planning. I've built models in my head and tested them. I've probably done some research into the problem at hand. But there was no planning when I tried to work with Tim. I'm not saying we need a full prospectus with UML diagrams or anything, but a basic object decomposition before you start coding is kinda important.

run the fuck away


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