December 6th, 2003


Geopolymer Concrete

A new concrete replacement is made from a combination of aluminum and waste ranging from glass, to slag, to paper. It takes less energy to produce, and is delightfully durable. In other words, it's better than concrete.

Now, note the Tesla icon I post this with. Tesla invented the bladeless boundary-disc turbine. This turbine can run on any energy source, from running water, to steam, to propane or gasoline, with minor redesigns. It is one of the most effecient turbines known, and is also the simplest to produce (many people with access to machine tools have made their own in their garage; it's a set of metal disks... that's it). There were some minor problems at the time with his invention- steel at the time wasn't quite strong enough to hold up to the forces generated, so the discs would bend over time. That wasn't what killed the invention though- what killed it was that there was an industry that existed around turbines made the way they always had been. No one was going to want to scrap their entire production to switch to this new turbine. He was told this by prospective buyers.

Bit of parallel.