December 2nd, 2003

run the fuck away


So, I spent yesterday being ill. Oh so very very ill. Some flu like thing. Probably got it from Sarah. I'm up and about, have been since about noon, but from about 5o'clock last night to then, I didn't get out of bed. I'm better now though, slight headache, annoying cough, but overall, able to function.

Oh, and combining NyQuil and Robitusson is... interesting. The Tussin was a decongestant/expectorant, the nyquil was for everything else.
run the fuck away


I sneezed, which caused my head to whip forward. But I was sitting with my knees up, so I bounced my nose right off of my knee.


Meanwhile, iRate radio is a neet new toy. Free service, streaming music. Copyright included, but you can't d/l. It's an internet radio service, which streams the songs to your computer. The switch? You rate the music, which gets compared with other users ratings, which generates a playlist which is most pleasing to you.
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    Delectric - You Run Your Mouth
run the fuck away


I have this urge to engage in trappening. Anything to clear out this congestion.


::further whinging::

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do something more than read/sleep.