November 25th, 2003

run the fuck away

Some linkage...

First have a cookie and partake of this observation from nephilimnexus.

Then ponder implanted RFID credit cards, and agree that there is no reason to implant payment information. Of all of the cyber-implants one could get, I don't really see a point. Something that transmits payment is something I'd prefer to leave at home- or be able to put in a static bag. Especially when digital-pickpocketing becomes possible when RFID making tools hit the market. Already, there have been cases of Ez-pass "theft"; people scan the ez-pass of people in parking lots and encode that onto their own ez-pass. RFID credit cards would be even more lucrative.

Finally, I think these guys are joking, but they've got some good ideas anyway: Holistic computer medicine. Actually, a quartz wrapped in cat-5e cable sounds like a good idea to me. As does the meditational wait states.
run the fuck away

Here's something interesting...

An Indian Hermit that hasn't eaten or drank for ten years. Confirmed in a laboratory test for ten days.

Even disbeliving his ten year claim, the fact that he went without food or drink for ten days... amazing.

What will those crazy Yogis think of next?
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