November 24th, 2003

run the fuck away


Our president gives his regards to the Queen. In alot of ways, this reminds me of... well, pretty much anytime a corporate society comes across something pretty. "We have practical concerns, can't be bothered."

On a similar note, the Son of Patriot Act lives, and got snuck in right past us.

There's some good news though. Remember how Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru were moisture farmers? Well, guess what, fog collectors provide freshwater. That's pretty cool at least.
run the fuck away

Crossbrowser Quirk...

Mozilla supports the CSS :hover for div tags and classes, however, IE does not.

This was discovered while working on LCC. Try it with your browser of choice; if the navbar backgrounds change color when you roll-over them, you're using a CSS appropriate browser. If they don't, that means your browser is probably Incompetent Exploder.

Browsers I have used by order of preference:

  1. Mozilla
  2. Opera
  3. Firebird (Mozilla's other browser)
  4. Incompetent Exploder

Just as a note. IE smegs alot of things up (like that "glitch" I had earlier, where there were some spacings off; it looked right in IE because IE rendered things wrong. I had made a mistake.).
run the fuck away

For those of you...

...that want to backup software, but the pesky protections on the CD prevent it, I strongly reccomend this trio of CD related software: ClonyXXL, which detects and analyzes most protection, Alchoholer, which reads that information and creates a template for use with Alcohol 120%, which can then burn the CD.

Just some useful notes.