November 22nd, 2003

run the fuck away

New email address...

I can now be reached at [my lj name] Hah, I wanna see a spambot dig that one out. is also active.

And let me reccomend First, they give free accounts IMAP access, which means I can check it with my mozilla mail again. Yay! And... even better, they not only will check other pop accounts for you, but will check Hotmail for you as well! Which means all my xisanunknown stuff ends up in that inbox. w00t! This is even better than the remy at the house account in alot of ways.
run the fuck away

Experiential Metaphysics and Reality Normalization

I've mentioned on many occasions my philosophy of experiential metaphysics, simply put: what you experience is reality. If you experience a blue cow eating your breakfast cereal and wearing your favorite underwear, that's real. Really unlikely to the rest of us, but for you it's real.

This is the part where you roll your eyes and go, "Oh no, not relativism with fancy new words."
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Now, this process of normalization requires one thing to happen: you hold your own, and only your own experiences as real. Hence, this is not relativism, but personal absolutism. What you experience is real, and for you to accept a change in that reality, some event must convince you otherwise.
run the fuck away

Bad conversation...

James: How would you kill Superman?
Me: Well, that's tricky. I mean, unless you're some superpowered superstrength villan, it's going to have to involve kryptonite...
James: I was just going to push his wheelchair into the pool.