November 18th, 2003

run the fuck away

Go Application Update

My Go application is moving along slowly. But moving nonetheless. The datastructures are done, the turn taking logic is done, but the only move logic I've got is that it throws an exception if you try and place a stone where another stone already is. So next will be liberties counting, which I'm kinda dreading... it's not hard per se, but it's hard to do it effeciently. And no, I haven't started work on a GUI. That I'm saving for much later.

Anyone who wants to contribute code, suggestions, or graphics, let me know.

Oh, and no, I'm not going to be making an AI for this. Why? Because I'm not insane. I'm thinking about ripping the AI out of gnugo and making it a standalone process and using pipes. 'Course, that'll remove the javaness of the application, but you know what? I don't care. Go AIs are extremely complex.
run the fuck away


Remember when I posted about not being able to get my email? And how it wasn't mailer-daemoning? It was because I used the windows network config wizard to touch up a few things and it set me to DHCP, so the router started routing the mail packets to nowheresville. And as a result, was broadcasting some shit out into the network apparently, because Time Warner called and gave me the smackdown for a faulty mail server.

So, email is going buhbye. ::sniffle::

This is such a pain... I use that mail for everything. That, and hotmail doesn't do POP. Though I am going to keep my STMP port open (somehow, I doubt they'll care or notice that one much) so's I can still use Mozilla to send mail.