November 15th, 2003

run the fuck away

Drag Ball

Last night was the drag ball, which while it was fun getting dressed up, but I have this to ask: who on earth ever heard of a PG rated drag ball? I swear to god, there was no lewdness involved. A drag ball where no one was lewd! What the hell?

That, and while Cate and I stepped outside to slowly commit suicide by tobacco, some jerks were whining that they couldn't go in- there was only a half hour left and the doors were closed. So they threw a dowel through the plate glass window, narrowly missing Cate. I had half a mind to pull the stick out and chase them down with it, something about a guy in drag screaming and threatening to beat people within an inch of their lives amused me. If they had actually hit Cate, I probably would have. Of course, that caused the drag ball to be shut down.
run the fuck away

Found via coolhunting

The Helloworld Project is a global interactive text installation combining language, landscapes and communication technology to create a visual dialogue. From December 9-12, 2003, people from all over the world will be invited to send in messages, either by sending an SMS to a dedicated number or by going to

In other news, I got tired of renaming comic books in .zip or .rar archives to .cbz or .cbr respectively, so I finally wrote a perl script to do it, and whipped up some batch files so that it can run on Windows transparently. It takes an entire directory and renames files. If anyone wants a copy, which I doubt, since I don't think any of you d/l comics, let me know.

[edit: I d/led a copy of perl2exe, so I actually have a runnable version sans weird scripts. I still don't think anyone cares, but just so's you know.]
run the fuck away


...and I just verified that my mailserver isn't getting email. I don't know if it's Mailer-Daemoning a reply or just not getting messages.

[edit: Nope, not mailer daemoning them either. Snark.]
[edit: Whups. I realized I recently ran the WinXP network setup so that I could connect to everyone's computers, which set me back to DHCP, which means that the router was no longer fowarding mail to my computer, but to a null IP. Fixed.]