October 30th, 2003

run the fuck away

It's not about the money...

really... it's not. Please be patriotic and ignore Halliburton's profits.

Oh, and please have your visa and your fingerprints ready before entering the country. This is our friendly reminder to you that if you are a sneaky shifty eyed foreigner, or a member of a bad eighties band, you are not guranteed the same protections as our citizens. Big brother might not be able to watch or citizens, but you are a prime target.

It's not all bad news thought, An Israeli company is marketting the first optical processor. That's trey schway.

Meanwhile, if you get these jokes you're a really bad geek. Not that that's a problem mind you. I was particularlly amused by numbers 9 and 4.

Here's one for you: a burglar finds some photos in his "victim's" house... including nude photos of the burglar's four year old sister.

In other news?
Alcoholic popcorn for movie theaters,