October 27th, 2003

run the fuck away

Point of note...

Anyone who claims that the Whitehouse is trying to control the flow of information or stifle dissent is making a completely unfounded accusation. That's why there are seventy-five directories on the Whitehouse website that are blocked to prevent access by search engines. After all, just because you can't find the information doesn't mean that we don't want you to have it. If you already know where the site is, you can read it.

Next week, we'll make it a crime to pass those links out.
run the fuck away


I made my first sale on Sell Out Anarchy! The "Bomb an SUV" bumper sticker has been sold, and with the whopping markup I put on my gear, I've got fifty-one cents owed me by cafepress.

run the fuck away


Delight is School of Rock. Stupid, campy, and pure in intent. It's a movie about rock and roll. Jack Black is a demi-godform.
run the fuck away

On Anarchy #8b: Mission 1: Part 2

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What did I just write myself into? You know, I got alot of good ideas for stuff to pull by talking to people this weekend, and this wasn't on the list. ::smacks his forehead:: So look forward in a coming issue to see how our intrepid heroes pull off this daring caper. Meanwhile, I'm going to start doing research on armored car construction, staffing, protocols, etc, and try and figure out how they're going to do this.

BTW: Take Back the Streets is real, and is really a terrorist organization wanted by the FBI. Meanwhile, this is probably a good time to pimp Sell Out Anarchy, which has lovely T-shirts that read "Domestic Terrorist" that you can buy, and support this poor domestic terrorist.