October 21st, 2003

run the fuck away

Linkage and commentary

Lets start with something that's helpful for the disabled. It's a smart idea, and in truth, I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

Meanwhile, Microsoft gets boned by Massachusets. Aside from the normal arguments for open source, I have another one specifically for governments. A democratic government works because any citizen can grab hold of the operation of the process, examine it, critisize it, and discuss it. In a proprietary environment, we can't examine the technical aspects of government operation. A great example is voting software- making the source open insures that an e-voting company is on the up-and-up. Wheras, if the source is closed, they could be fudging the results as much as they like, and no one would ever know (especially since audits are conducted randomly at individual locations, and there aren't many of them).

A citizen must have the right to examine and analyze ny part of government operation. Some parts require more expertise than others- that's why there are people called "lawyers". Portions of the government operation are complicated enough that it requires special knowledge and training. Much like analyzing software. It's not possible for a law to exist that is unknown, not in this society- at least not yet. For a law to be enforced and complied with, it must be known to everyone. For it to be modified, which is a key part of democracy, it must be available for analyzation. So must it be with the tools that are used to create, track, enforce, and modify those laws. All parts of the government process must be able to be examined.
run the fuck away

Mostly for manycolored

I whipped up some cover art for Barb's mystery dinner. For those of you that don't know, every year before Halloween, Barb runs a mystery dinner, full of cheesy plot, campy effects, and all those other things that make such evenings fun. The actors (like myself) enjoy it for the sillyness, the guests enjoy it for the food and alcaholic beverages. This year, the setting for the dinner is some special banquet to promote the newest album of a goth band named "Blood Spigöt"

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The shots I used were from the Met, and foolish me, I didn't think to get the names and creators of the original works.
run the fuck away


major hostilities are over in Iraq. So please, kindly ignore that our body count has nearly tripled since then- and that's only the ones that have died in Iraq, not the ones that we managed to airlift out so they don't count towards our score. Please ignore the fact that we're seeing more fighting after the hostilities than during. Or that the Iraqi people seem somewhat trepidacious about our presence... RPG and AK-47 style trepidacious.

Support our troops- bring them the fuck home.