October 20th, 2003

run the fuck away


The Matrix goes MMORPG next year. That's kinda cool. I'm not a fan of MMORPG, but that's kinda neet, and something about creating a virtual world about a virtual world to have people playing in... well, it appeals to my sense of the ironic.

Meanwhile, this weekend was busybusy. Friday we hung out with Elizabeth, Brian and Noah, then we spent saturday with Sarah and Dennis (yay!). Saturday night we went to Headless Horseman hayrides (adding Kerrin and her sister to our mix). I won't comment about how James was asking about her sister afterwards. She was cute. And I was amused. Sunday, Cate and I dragged ourselves to New Paltz at 800 so that we could join a field trip to the Met. Nothing like a free trip to the city.

And, as you can see, from this business, I didn't have an opportunity to write for "On Anarchy". It's okay, I'm going to make up for that with actually moving the plot someplace today. Or at least, so goes the plan.
run the fuck away

On Anarchy : Inductions

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Yay! Actually getting someplace with the story. Took long enough. Okay, it wasn't really long at all, but it felt like forever. I'm just gonna keep snapping it along at a high pace. And try not to make it sound like the typical rants one is likely to hear in my journal. Just out of curiosity, if you write about a protaganist that makes a threat against someone in high political office, is that construed as you having made the same threat?

Ah well. I'll have to take my chances, since it will inevitably come up in future installments.
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Please, remember...

...that when your plane is taken over by knife weilding fanatics, our security is much better.

Or, to put it another way, not only will we institute increasingly invasive and privacy destructive procedures, we'll also make sure they are totally ineffective in preventing an actualy terrorist attack.

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On Police Force, the Use Of

I shot this during the trip to New York City yesterday. I was somewhat confused to see cops standing around packing assault weapons and flak jackets and helmets. There was no riot, or civil disturbance (well, not that I noticed, but generally, if it's disturbing enough to have half a dozen (the total number, not all are in the shot) cops standing around, I'll probably have noticed). In fact, from their demeanor, nothing was wrong at all. As you can see in the picture, they were posing for photos with tourists. Why were they out in force?

To quote the officer I talked to, "Just a show of force. Keep people on their toes, well, the ones that need to be kept on their toes." This was of course, after a rather pointed set of questions about my "Anticrombie" patch. As in, "What's that patch about?" and "Are you anti-establishment?"
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