October 15th, 2003

run the fuck away


I downloaded some source for a Cult of the Dead Cow high security network. CDC has always amused me, from back in the Back Orifice days, and I'm impressed with what they're up to now. They've got SixFour, the encryption networking protocol that I want to compile, and a Steganography enabled web browser, very cool. So, I need to compile the code I've got, but it came with a makefile, and I don't feel like beating around with Visual C++ to get it compiled right. I have the worst time with that. So, instead, I'm installing Cygwin, which is essentially a linux API for windows. It comes with a version of GCC, and all that good stuff. Plus, it has some *nix apps that can be handy.

That'll be really handy to have.
run the fuck away


I installed Cygwin and got that running, and after only a few minor headaches, I got X working too. Yay! OH! But wait! I found KDE packages for Cygwin! I could run KDE! Oh yay!

Yeah, so I download and install the Cygwin packages, and do the requisite reboot (since this is really windows and not *nix, of course there's a reboot), and now X is broken. More than broken, fuxxored. I hacked away at it for a bit, but I was gettin' nowhere. Solution? Delete it all, redownload the packages and actually save them to disk instead of installing directly. It's currently reinstalling with a better package selection than originally, and this time the KDE packages are going in at the same time as everything else, minimizing the chance of irreprable fuckups. Once I get Cygwin, X and KDE working happily together, I'm going to burn the directory to CD so I can just restore from backup (look! I'm smart) and save these hassles.

However, I've got another thought. If I fiddle around a bit, it'd be a simple task to write an app that starts a bash instance and runs a shell script that launches X and KDE - and then this small app could be pointed to by the line in win.ini that reads: "shell=". Yes, it should be possible and not all that much of a headache to replace the usual explorer interface with the KDE interface. A careful application of symlinks, and I think that it could be quite tasty.
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