October 3rd, 2003

run the fuck away


This evening, Cate and I are going to Noah's birthday party. Noah being Elizabeth's son, who's turning six. His party will be held at McDonalds, and apparently, there's a wager as to wether or not I'll end up in the playplace with the kids.

Poll #187519 Playplace

What do you think I'm going to do?

End up in the playplace?
Or be a responsible adult?

Now, we'll be gifting him with a nice homemade cloak (which he really really wants) with a belt pouch. Cate is being lovely with the sewing of this. Meanwhile, while we remembered to get fabric, we forgot a card? However, a little time with the GIMP and in java, he now has this lovely scrolling image of "Happy Birthday Noah" on a CD. Because yeah, I am that geek. I'm not sure if he's geek enough to enjoy it the same way I would have, but it's cool and novel, and I think it's shiny enough for him to get into. We'll see.
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run the fuck away

Winter Digitation

fotola image
This one wasn't alot of work, but I liked the effect. Duped the image into a new layer, posterized it by a factor of six, the pixilized and desaturated. Set that layer to Overlay blending. Duped the modded layer, used the basic Edge-Detect filter with a setting of two, set the layer to Lighten Only, and tweaked the transparency so it was kinda subtle.
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run the fuck away

I feel loved...

You all know me so well.

Cate is doing embroidery while listening to "Live, Breathe, Kill for Satan."

I'm downloading fekloads of comic books- I'm suddenly a comic book geek.

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That last bit there, just to clarify, I had not gotten rid of Cate. We stepped out for a clove, and decided that since we wanted to know who this person was, we would be bad people and invite her over while Cate was "at work", when in reality, Cate was "at home". Unfortunately, she seemed to have lost interest.