September 30th, 2003

run the fuck away


First off, got to read "The Ultimates" 7-11, and was quite pleased to see how things continued, and still amused by comics tackling issues like spousal abuse. Tackling really well too.

And meanwhile, I'm not a big Superman fan, but the "Red Son" triple was... awesome. A world where Superman crashed to Earth twelve hours earlier, and as a result, landed in the Ukraine, and was raised a Communist. The best part of it was the fact that it had a tragic aspect that Superman normally lacks... because in this, Superman wanted to do the best for everyone, he wanted to end plague, famine, violence, etc. And he almost succeeds.

And there were other wonderful touches, like the fact that while he was raised a communist, he puts lie to the ideals- living proof that all men were not created equal. Very thoughtful, very intriuging.
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run the fuck away


fotola image
The How to: Well, first I took the shot and hypersaturated it; the colors were already very vivid, and I wanted to bring that out. After that, I used a colormap rotation to shunt the blues into reds, which is how the lichen on the tree turned red. Then, with the color sampler, I sampled a red I particularly liked out of the red leaf under the tombstone. Amusingly, it's the same shade of red that my Trillian skin uses for my buddylist. I made a new layer set to that color, and set the layer combination to "color". So that red color overlayed all of the others. After playing with transparency, I got a balance I liked, and there you have it.
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