September 16th, 2003

run the fuck away

2674 (because I'm twice as elite)

I've found the geekest thing in the world. Evarh!

No, geekest is not spelled "geekiest".

So, what have I been up to? I post all sorts of links here, but don't really say much. Well, I'm rectumfiying it now. The .NET thing appears to have fallen through, they told me last week they were still doing interviews and that they'd call me... but well... somehow, I think that's just a tease. So, while I have two more more geeky apps floating (a VB programmer and a trainer for Fleet), I'm not holding my breath. I've also got an app for Waldenshmucks and VD(er... EB). Yeah, mall jobs. I need to eat. I've been living off of mac&cheese, ramen, oatmeal, and bread. It's getting disgusting.

Now, there's a problem with mall jobs- if I'm there for any length of time, I fear my resume will become stale. Solution?

An honest to goodness launch of t3knomancy software cum Mad Crow Studios cum Lapine Cerbral Cogitations. Yes, my very own software company. This company serves one purpose- and that isn't to make money. It's to keep sharp, turn out a decent app every month or two, post it as free/cheap-ware, and keep my resume shiny. When I apply for a job I go, "Look, I made this." And I've even got co-workers/owners, Tim and Ben, who are willing to put some time into writing code. Schway.
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run the fuck away

To do...

Firebomb a Corporate Headquaters (kidding of course, this journal is neither a note to commit a criminal act, nor an advoacy of such. I also respect John Ashcroft.)

Meanwhile, if the Dalai Lama hadn't been fated to monkhood, he would have been an engineer. That guy is pretty damn cool. I mean, here he is going, "Okay, let's take the meditation schtick, rip out all the mysticism and metaphysics, and make a practical tool that people can use to become happy." That my friends, is a million dollar answer. And, even better, if perchance, this doesn't work out, and science disproves meditation, he's open to rethinking the entire tradition of buddhism.

That's almost as good as the pope saying you don't have to be a christian to go to heaven. Man, that was a hoot, listening to fundies get up in arms over that one, let me tell you.
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run the fuck away

Say it isn't so...

A song lyric post? From me? It happens occasionally. I think roughly once every eight to ten months. And I, at least, Collapse )

Something makes me wonder if the people behind Fight Club (book and film) may have been influenced by that- it certainly sounds like something Tyler would say.
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