July 12th, 2003

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Gods, Myths, and What I Approve of in a Hero

Arachne: Arachne stepped forward to challenge Athena in a battle of weaving. Athena, the goddess, wins. Of course. And for her hubris, Arachne is turned into a spider. A high price to pay, but at least she had the balls to put her skills and wits on the line. Arachne reached and missed. (Of course, Athena's followers are gone, she gets no sacrifice, and spiders are everywhere. Take that bitch.)

Icarus: It's very much the same here. Icarus was given boundaries and didn't like them. So he tried to overcome those boundaries- and died. But again, at least he had the balls to challenge what he could and could not do, but like Arachne, he failed (though without a cheerful epilogue).

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So, the moral of the story? In the end, Hermes wins. He is in a better position, I mean, sure, he has to work pretty hard. Messenger, escort to the Underworld, god of travellers, etc. But he's thought of as a full fledged god. I mean, who, with the common knowledge of myth, actually knows he's only a demi-god? Heracles busted his balls off, and gets half the recognition, half the responsibilty, and none of the fun.

So nyah.
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Bananaslug is a pretty cool site. Great concept.

I talked to the author about getting his source (which he is cool with). But he asked, "I only told two people yesterday. By the end of the day, the 1000 uses that the GoogleAPI allows were gone. How'd you find out?"
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On Satan..

I have come to understand why, in the Christian mythos, Satan must always be held up as evil.

First, another myth.
Mawu is the female portion of the Creator god in the mythology of the Fon, in West Africa. Her son is Legba, and in the beginning, Legba was her loyal servant. Legba would do as she demanded, and what he did was good, she took all that praise, and when what he did was evil, he took all the blame, even from her. Legba was not amused, but Mawu felt it was important for the ruler to be held as good and the servants as evil.

Legba warned her that there were theives that would steal her yams. She assembled guards around them, and said that anyone who stole them should be put to death. Legba stole her sandals, and slipped in at night, stealing all the yams. The next day, she tried to match the footprint, and *gasp* they were her own. So she humphs, and seperates herself from the world- by ten feet. Legba conspires with an old woman, who tosses her dishwater on Mawu nightly, untill Mawu ascends into Heaven, to maintain her purity.

There are some obvious connections here, but the ones that draw me are a bit less obvious. If Legba was truly Mawu's servant, than his guilt was her own. When he stole those yams, it was still Mawu's guilt. She seperated herself from that guilt.

Now Satan is the great accuser. He finds guilt and strips away the covers, and shames the victims. What guilt does YHWH hide?
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fotola image
It ended up being pretty small, mostly because of a rather large amount of cropping. That's less than a quater of the original image. The funky color texture comes from the ugly shingles that side our house.
Uplinked via Fotola.com.
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Another job opprotunity perhaps?

A bit ago I applied to Bluemark, LLC, a software development firm in New Plotz. They needed a help desk tech. And I was like, "Hey, I know help desk! Hire me!" No reply as of yet. That was only last week though. Anyway, yesterday, they post a new opportunity, this one for a software developer. And I put together a nice long cover letter talking about how badass I am. And off it goes.

They are going to hire me.
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