May 14th, 2003

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Now this is fairly interesting. Now, I am a fan of simple, creative toys, blocks, etc., or more complicated, but non-electronic toys, like Transformers. Yeah, we all know I like Transformers.

But I do have to say, I think the voicemail bear is cool. Very cyberpunk; you have a toy that has value because of connection to a digital network. Now the only thing that has to happen? The parents lay out the cash for a collection of stories, and the kid can random access them, and play them back as often as they please.
run the fuck away


The quality of a New Horizons education- a sample. This is an excerpt from the instructor's manual for Visual Basic 6.0 Database Programming. It appears as a note in the margin (because the manuals have little guides, tips, and warnings in the margins).

There is a completed Community Orchestra project in the Lesson 6 Solution folder. If there are students who are unable or unwilling to type the code examples, they can easily cut and paste code from the solution.

Emphasis added bitch.

What the fuck? Unwilling or unable to type code? Then what the fuck are they doing in a programming class? When you program, you type. That's all there is to it. It is not practical to provide the students with a voice interface, barring examples of disability. I mean, if you've got no hands, that's one thing. Hook up a mike, let them go at it, or give them some other alternate input.

But if your fingertips hurt and you're tired, you can chow on it slumbitch.

run the fuck away

More news and commentary...

The democrats of Texas are winning me over. The republicans may claim that they're running instead of fighting, but in reality, they're fighting instead of holding still and taking it up the ass. You cannot claim that they aren't standing up for their beliefs as to what is best for their constituents. The republicans are just upset because they're getting thwarted. And so, they can just chow on it. If I were a democratic senator in Texas, I'd be behind this plan whole heartedly, if not the engineer. Systems are only good in that they can be used to help people. Here, we have an example of the system being used in an unusual way to help people.

A tip of the hat to the democratic hackers of Texas.

Meanwhile the House has done other cool stuff. Nanotech is a wonderful, wonderful idea. I place it in the realm of pervasive technology; t3k that becomes so integrated into the world that it becomes indistiguishable from it. Some people probably hate that plan, but I think it's great. We were given tool making potential, and we had damn well better use it, with the best of our wisdom, to improve our world. Prince Chuck on the other hand, is a twit. First of, VanNeumman nanotech is still theory. Even so, the idea of the technology getting so far out of hand that it could do such a thing is absurd.

At any rate, here's to toner falling from the sky while areostats duke it out between 'claves.
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Not to pimp my shit more...

But the lunchbox I ordered for Cate came today. It rocks! I was worried that it wouldn't be clear enough, or the light parts would be too dark, but it came out really well. I feel much better about my store now, and I want a lunchbox too.
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run the fuck away


Cajun Zydeco trailmix from the healthfood store with Zydeco music.

Mmmm... accordians.

::bops his head::
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