May 11th, 2003

run the fuck away

Shop update...

My store has been tweaked. I've fixed alot of the bleeding issues, so now the bumper sticker and lunchbox, etc. don't have the annoying border on the edge. For the most part, this invovled making the border black, isntead of white, but hey, it works.
Now you had better go buy stuff.

Cate is feeling much better today, which is good; she was really bad off yesterday. I was worried. She spent pretty much the whole day in bed coughing and wheezing. Caffine and Primatene Mist helped with the tightness and shortness of breath, but it was still bad.

Hopefully she keeps getting better...
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run the fuck away

On the motivations for my CafePress store...

Why am I selling out my art on tee-shirts and bumper stickers you ask?

Because, someday, I hope to be walking down the street, seeing a complete stranger wearing my shirt. That's why. Art is meant to be consumed; and the more it is consumed, the more powerful it gets.

That's why.
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By choice...

..all of the products on my store featuring the image "Reflections" have been removed.

Second day, and already there's a discontinuation of a line. Neet.
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run the fuck away


Two monitors is good enough for me... even if one is a little to dark and only supports 1024 x 768.

But damn... I have more screen area than I can use! WHEEEEEEE!
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