April 23rd, 2003

run the fuck away


I've been terribly uninteresting the past few days. When was the last time I've posted something deep and insightful in my journal?

Well, let's try it.
[long pause/]
Nope... no thoughts...

Well damn, I'm gonna have to go study for Java now. I want to post something other than work rants, or an image I whip up. On the flip side, the most popular picture on fotola the last time I checked was the picture of my cane. The shot I snapped in five seconds so I could share it.


How about this... reply to this, give me a topic which I can rant upon, and shoot unfounded opinions into space about.

Oh, and go join _not_pretty.
Building 'n Me

Atomizing the world...

It is my habit to take complicated things, and split them up into simpler things. This comes from my work in programming, where you describe the world in terms of objects, which are single purpose entities, that have things they can do(methods), things we can know about them (properties), and things that can happen to them (events).

To a large degree, this is accurate. Also, there's the feature of inheritance. We can talk about specific things as if they were more general, this computer has specific features, but it has certain things in common that unify it with the class of all computers.

Things to destroy: Popup ads that are used to advertise popup killing software.
run the fuck away

The Moving Situation

Cate and I are out of the area at the end of May, moving into a new place June 1st. Hopefully. We don't have a place yet, I don't have a job yet, and SUNY New Paltz hasn't confirmed Cate's admission. Oh, and I don't have a lisence yet.

I'm going to call a few places in the area, some right next to New Paltz college today during lunch, line up a road test, to light a fire under me so that I practice, and call back about a consulting gig I have been offered.

Hrm... productive. And moving.
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run the fuck away

Someday, I too will have too much time on my hand...

And do things like this. I remember watching Blake's 7 when I was in grade school. I can't remember a thing about it, except for what the sets looked like, and the lego site captured that fairly well.

As an amusing note, I see this site and just yesterday, I was thinking about Blake's 7. I remember liking it, I remember my dad liking it, and I mean, it was eighties BBC sci-fi! What more could you want?

All the rental places I was going to call are not there. I can't get the Troy DMV, the contact guy isn't there for the consulting gig.

Well, that was futile. At least I can say I tried to be productive.

Tonight- I've got to find my W-2's so I can remail my tax return (I sent it in and forgot the W-2. So now I have to resend it in with the W-2).
run the fuck away

Go Pandemic GO! (or why SARS is cool)

SARS is bringing death, chaos and destruction. SARS is shaking up existing power structures, and has the potential to bring some sweeping changes. It's thinning out the population. Why is this good, while a war in Iraq, which does the same thing is not? Simple, SARS is an accident. SARS is uncontrolled, and is no ones fault. SARS is unavoidable.


Quote of the night: "Liam doesn't like fish." "Really? I'd always imagined that Liam would eat anything; he never struck me as discriminating."

This is funny when you recall that Liam is a Nazi.

Gay sex was never more amusing. It's the Weekly World News, but still, a funny though.
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run the fuck away

On Object Oriented Design...

Here's a problem with all object oriented languages. Basic language structures are not objects. Conditionals, expressions, loops... none of these things are object oriented.

A potential revision is in order... I've got a fragmentary design for an overlay library in java to create this situation. I'm gonna have to go and learn my BNF grammar before I can really start coding the base objects, like expression.
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