April 19th, 2003

run the fuck away


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The background of the collage was taken by Cate Schaaf. The overlay texture and collage work by Remy Porter
© Remy Porter and Cate Schaaf
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run the fuck away

In which Remy gets more stuff...

Got a new cane. I'll post some pics after the battery in my camera recharges. It's a hand carved Indonesian cane; the handle is shaped like a femaile naga. And yes, I meant to spell femaile that way; I think it looks better. So nyah.

Anywho, we hung out with Matt and Katy, two of Cate's old friends. Fun was had. Antique stores were visited. One of them had the oddest instrument. Mandolinish, except that the back was round instead of flat. Almost teardrop shaped. Now, the fingerboard was mandolin-like. Eight strings, paired, tuned in fourths. Fretted. There was only room for eight strings, eight slots in the nut, eight slots on the bridge, eight for the tailpiece. But the head of the instrument had twelve tuning pegs. I couldn't find any sign that the neck was redone in any fashion. I am perplexed.
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run the fuck away

Dead Mall?

What do you do with a dead mall? Rehype it, revamp it.

The problem with malls right now is that mall management has the idea that getting people into a shopping frenzy will make them more money. They don't want people socializing, sitting on benches, sipping a soda that only cost a dollar and enjoying the company of friends, based on the thought that it doesn't generate enough revenue.

Now, there is something to that. But by McDonaldizing the process of shopping, the mall fails in the role of "community center". Most people, at some point or another, go to the local mall. Many on a fairly regular basis. Some very often. A few abstain. Now, if the mall approaches the idea of a gathering of people as a way of making money, not just the shopping. What about mall services that promote socialization? Electronic message boards stationed outside of key locations, where people can leave messages for a very small fee. The messages can be censored of course. I think the arcade should come out of some corner of the mall, and that video game machines should be dispersed through the concourses- and run on quaters. Do you know that the arcade in Evil-gates won't even let you in on a friday or saturday night unless you buy five bucks of tokens as cover?

People should be encouraged to loiter. Local bands can pay a small fee to rent a stage and give concerts, and the mall can take a percentage.

And you know what? The mall should be owned, at least in part, by the shopkeepers.
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run the fuck away

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Made a new sig-line for my email: "I am not putting a stupid quote at the end of my emails. --Anonymous"
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run the fuck away

Sudden plans...

Looks like I'm suddenly going to an RPI Players party. This was unplanned. But demoncaller was bored, and Cate and I were too... and we just finished off martini's, so our judgment is slightly impared. Or something. Anywho, in a moment or two I'm going to post pics of my cane. Yay new cane!
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