April 13th, 2003

run the fuck away

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Fresh back from the Prodigals concert at McGeary's. First time to McGeary's... it was surprisingly lacking in smoke. Which was weird, because I know the state just passed a stupid law banning all smoking in public places, but that hasn't gone into effect yet.

Speaking of that law, and not as a smoker, that is so dumb. I am absolutely fine in banning smoking in places like malls, which are free access. But a bar... people don't run to a bar to do shopping. If they don't want to deal with smoke, they don't have to go to the bar. We're talking adults, all over the age of consent. They can take care of themselves. There are non-smoking bars, and as more people get concerned about smoking health risks, they'll start frequenting those places. That's how capitalism works. If you don't like the way a business does things, you don't patronize them.

A solution I would approve of? Tax breaks for establishments that ban smoking. Don't mandate it, just make it desireable.

Now, as for the show, it rocked. They got a new guitarist, who doesn't have the same look as the old one. The old one, just a glance at him, and you saw: "I'm in an Irish punk band". This new guitarist though, he's Irish. From Dublin. And he's witty. He can talk to a crowd. And he's damn good.

One of their new songs... sounded damn near industrialish; as industrial as you can get with a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist and an accordian player. Actually, I think it's technically a cocertina, being small and not having keys like a piano. But I'm not sure. Ack! Instrument ignorance!

Oh, and as we were riding back home with Sarah and Dennis, I shared a quote from m0usegrrl, where someone mentioned that dealing with her and metaphorge was like being in a Charles DeLint novel. Sarah's response? Living with Cate and I was like being in some cross between Charles DeLint and Monty Python. Hah... oneupmanship. I think that might be related to how I used playing a game of Worms:Armegeddon to cure an illness in someone.

Oh, and to gank again from metaphorge and m0usegrrl: this is sexy
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run the fuck away

How's this for Random?

Random Person(in an IM): hello.. i randommly found your livejournal and wanted to let you know that i live next door to the building your photographed on 4th street

I'm terribly amused.
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