March 31st, 2003

run the fuck away

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First off, on the RPG, I've gotten interest from

apples491 may not be planning on it, but James is plotting to snag him in. I leave that between them.

For those of you that are in, when is good? I was thinking on a first run on Friday night? Character creation, a little pre-tournament action?

In other news, I want to go to sleep. I'm spending this morning doing a one-on-one with a student, teaching him java stuff to supplement his classes. Or something.

This afternoon, my plan is to spend more time on my ljClient, which is actually coming along with something resembling a plan. A general sketch:
There will be a small database file, Access to be specific, that contains all of the important information. A library of previous posts, relationships of accounts to servers and journals and communities, pictures, etc.
A logic layer provided by several DLL's will then take that data and assemble it into a coherent application. One of the DLL's will be dedicated to actually communicating with the LJ server (or whatever server is specified in the "servers" table of the database).
A presentation layer will consist of a tree diagram on the left, allowing the user to navigate all of the different sections, and a fresh pane will pop up on the right as they change their selection. So if they select "New Post", a blank post screen appears, or if they select a server, the information for the server will be displayed.
Some features that I think this will implement to seperate it from other LJclients- post mirroring. The ability to have a post repeated into multiple communities or servers with a single click. A decent editor is also a goal, I'm trying to see if there's a way to gank office xp libraries and use them to make the text area on the posts.