March 11th, 2003

run the fuck away


Why is it that suddenly I have an Eminem rant(er- song... no wait, rant) running through my head? "Success is my only motherfucking option, failure's not." I like Kat's analysis of him- a ghetto Alan Ginsberg. It's fairly apt.

Anyway, they cleared Jason on Friday, so it's not official, but I should be getting my prep time back on Friday. Which if that happens, my only real beef with today is that I've got a fucking lunch meeting at 12.

On the upshot, I am the Man. I'm supposed to teach two people two days worth of material in one day. I broke for lunch 20 minutes early. Why? Because these two people have absorbed the first day, and one lesson of the second day, all by lunch.

On the downshot, people are looking askance at my being out a few weeks ago, and my late arrival this morning. Which I warned I was going to be late, it was just later than I expected. Feh.

At any rate, I'm going to sit through this stinking lunch meeting, finish this class, get my ass home.
run the fuck away

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A solace in my shitty ass day: Chindogu.

I want to quit.

They won't be replacing Hutch, one of the departing instructors, so that means that for the next five weeks (till the end of this trimester), we will be covering for his load. Joy.
run the fuck away

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Okay, day is done. Survival rate: 100%. I blame luck, that first shot should have taken that student down good. How she got up and kept running, I'll never guess for the life of me.

Actually, day is not done, and the survival probabilities for one little Oompah Loompah are dwindling. Tommyboy wants me to come in and give a little blurb to someone on Cold Fusion at 4:15. That's so going to result in me missing my bus.

Fortunately, Jason King is cool, and heading over towards Hannaford anyway, and doesn't mind a slight detour. Which is schway.

I want a cigarrette! Mostly for the nice smell and the deep breathing. ::deep breathes now, which lacks the nice smell, but... has most of the same effects:: The best aspect of smoking is the whole languid deep breathing thing. I hate powersmoking because it's cold out or what have you. I've done it, but smoking is meant to be a languid, sultry affair.

That's half the fun of Blacks and Xtras... they're black. I'm such a goth.
run the fuck away

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Oh, and by the way, if you haven't noticed, I'm having a Natalie Imburglia moment... I went on a d/ling spree.

yay Natalie!
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