March 6th, 2003

run the fuck away

Ummm... my stapler? I... I could... burn this... place down.

Lets see here- I was supposed to be teaching today. I'm not. Instead, I'm preparing for a tech class, 1300, Access programming. Good news: I could do it in my sleep. Bad news?

I was offered a deal. There's a JBuilder class coming up they need covered, the other contractor they normally use for Java stuff sucks, and students were complaining. Alot. So, Noah comes up and says, "Hey, if you teach JBuilder, you get $250, plus your normal tech-bonus, and it counts towards your next promotion." I said, "Sure, you give me time to prepare, and I'm in!"

Two days. Two days of prep was all they could schedule, and one of those (today), was due to a filing error. So ummm... how about not. I walked in and told Noah that I was bailing on it, if that was all they could give me.

GAH! Why does work have to intrude on my life!?

Fuck it, for the good stuff:
I often will rant that pretty naked/sex pictures, stories, etc. have no erotic value for me, merely asthetic. I probably will continue to say that, but it's a lie. Pretty things in any spectrum are erotic. People making pretty things or thinking pretty things are terribly erotic. The reason I think I say that is there are so many fucking pretty things, I'd have an anuerism if I thought about it too much.

Last night was night'o'planlessness. At around lunch, I chatted with Cate on the phone, and we both agreed that my pants needed to be replaced. My work pants were all falling apart (fucking work again, there's that word!), so we went to Colonie Center after work. The security guard at CC was not wearing a Pyramid patch- ie. not Pyramid mall security, ie. CC is not a Pyramid corp mall! Now Latham Circle isn't the only area mall I don't need to feel guilty about!

Sarah was hanging out in Borders, so we went there. We ended up sitting in on the SciFi/Fantasy club meeting (first one at that). The geek social pool was woefully small, there were about 9 people or so, 3 of them I didn't know, the rest were all SCAdians that I'll probably be seeing if I go to dance tonight.

After Sci/Fi, we decided to go back and watch a film at Sarah and Dennis', specifically, Arsenic and Old Lace</a>- 'cept the video place by their apartment doesn't have it. So instead it was Moliun Rouge. Um... yeah. I had no idea what to expect, I knew it involved pretty costumes and... that was it. The soundtrack and the musical numbers were inspired by the way they layered everything. "Roxanne" mixed with a Tango. "Teen Spirit"/"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"/"Orpheus in the Underworld (the Cancan you philisitines!)". It was brilliant, the connections that they saw between the music, and it created a musical synthasetic experience. Yes, synthaseia for only one sense, that of sound. Figure it out on your own, that's what it was. La Boheme for a modern era.
run the fuck away

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So, ladytabitha and I have been conversing. Which is amusing, becuase she came up randomly in conversation last night, and for someone that you only know through the filter of LJ and rarely communicate with directly, that's odd.

We've been discussing religion, and her sexual nature, or lack thereof.

Random oddness. Found a London alternative station that doesn't seem to bad, 'cept it's more classic rock than alternative. Eh, Bowie, Skynrd (other than freebird!), I'm not complaining.