February 11th, 2003

run the fuck away

I am full of knowledge... it is neet.

I am brimming over with knowledge, and dumping it into the students. Or maybe my eyes are brown, and I'm dumping something else... wait, my eyes are brown!

No, this is defnintely not a class to BS- mainly because it's what I BSed in, speaking in degrees now. I don't BS beause I BSed. To many BSesssess!

One guy hates all the class examples. I'm not sure what he came to do, but in basic level classes, or crash course 5-days in C++, you don't do anything complicated.
run the fuck away

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A common feature of fantasy is that epic battle, where evil is thwarted, and the grasp they had fades, and all returns to its natural state. Flowers bloom, and the like.

Fuck that! Why is it, that in these stories, one victory is all it takes to turn back evil. Sometimes it works that way- rarely. More often, you have to heal, you have to rebuild.

That's what I like about the movie of The Neverending Story, because in fact, the hero loses when they win. The world was destroyed, and had to be rebuilt.

The problem with the traditional fantasy device is that it is an ending- I prefer tales that finish with a beginning. Part of the reason I like ol' Charles DeLint, usually, his stories end with a beginning, and sometimes, they pick up that beginning in a later tale.