February 10th, 2003

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So in other news, down at the SCA event that I already ranted about, much fun was had. We rode down with Sarah and Dennis. We SCAdianed. We went to a diner for dinner. We went to my parents to be social, and called James. We went back and SCAdianed. James showed up to visit. We danced the Tangle Brawl. thursdayschild elicited that post snubbing her.

Another neet discovery though (which I already knew), Sarah and Dennis have started going to dance regularly. Sarah and Dennis must all but pass our house to get there. We haven't been going for lack of transit (it's a long frikkin' walk). Sarah and Dennis are willing to be our carriage to dance. Ergo, we are going to dance practice again. Yay for some excersise.

Another yay: I'm teaching C++ this week. Material I love, and a $30 a day spiff for pulling off a good class. Schway.
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The Heart of Assinal beats!
The stone and crystal heart,
Glue of Infinity,

Each beat a wrecking upon me,
My psyche pummled,
Fire grips my mind,
And still it Pumps!

Flow! Flow! Flow!
The Heart of Assinal shares with me!
I cannot stem the flow, I fear it!
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A poem...

A quest, said he, a quest I am on.
A quest, asked she, what quest are you on?
I seek a skin, I seek a hide, I seek glory.
You travel for the Golden Fleece then?
Nay, said he, nay and nay again. I travel for the Hide of the Minotaur,
I travel for the reek of the maze,
I quest to have my hands curled in the matter fur,
And have its fetid breath hot on my face.
She recoiled, unsure of a reaction. He pressed on.
It is my goal to go to the Minotaur's lair,
The den where it sleeps,
Where the remains of its victims rot,
And mingle with its offal,
And so there shall I bathe,
And so shall I lie with the Minotaur,
For this, this is the strength of my love.