February 5th, 2003

run the fuck away

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Dude... this was in a stupid email foward of those pseudo-confucianisms. In fact, it was practically next to "Man with four balls cannot walk"... but:
"War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left."
run the fuck away

Your dose of occult....

I did some talking and exploring, and have learned some stuff about what's going on, in that scary-bad-occulty arena.

As to that, these visions of death, destruction, and a tearing away of the magick is the posing of a question: Do the spirits, the old gods, and the fae belong in this world? A test so to speak, a judgement really. And who stands judgement? We do.

To paraphrase a dragon, Mankind has made itself dependent on these spirits, and as a result, has failed to realize its potential. However...

Think of it this way, what do you prefer? A world with or without magick aside from what humans create? That's the question really, how much magick is allowed? Should humans only be allowed human magicks?

Some other symptoms of what's going on, I generally think of the astral divided three ways:
The physical, the traditional "astral", and the digital. All of them are spirit worlds, seperated by walls that we percieved there. Here's the problem: The traditional astral used to have very regulated traffic, most people couldn't see themselves past the wall between "worlds". The digital on the other hand, people flock to, and they don't really think about the wall between the digital and the astral, and as a result, the astral has been getting kinda fucked up the ass without lube. I examined the "wall" between the digital and the traditional astral, and discovered that it's terribly inflamed, and infected. The infection seems to be spreading, but only into the astral, it seems the digital is robust enough to fight it off.

If we don't derail the battle, it will be fought between these walls between worlds, in the intersections and byways.