January 14th, 2003


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Couvares kicked off my class today, and I got to watch him hit on one of my students.


Oh shit, I can't post this now, I was planning on using my LJ as a demo for some of the class excersises. Well damn, too late isn't it?

I probably just won't use it for excersies. Or maybe I will, it depends how suicidal I'm feeling about my job.

Or, I could reverse all the text, so that way, they can't read it.

Maybe... maybe not. At any rate, I'm going to get my ass back to class in a bit.
run the fuck away

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So, I'm off to Rochester starting tomorrow, and returning on Saturday. I hope you miss me.

I'm hoping to make it to the International Fetish Mall in Rochester, and do some toy shopping. The big question: where the hell is it? I don't know Rochester! I'm lucky my hotel is a hop skip and a jump from where I'm teaching. Of course, I don't even know where the bus station is in relationship to this!

Oh yes, so work is sending me shopping for sex toys. I love it.

Of course, no one had any idea how to set up one of these excursions (me taking a bus far away), so there was a big blowup, and bosstom (the guy hitting on my students?) gave me an ultimatum: a license in 90 days.

run the fuck away

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Oh, and most importantly, I got Civ3 working! YAY! It just took an update of my monitor drivers (monitor drivers? who uses monitor drivers anymore! They's be plug and play bitch!) and my sound card drivers (I didn't know I'd have a sound problem because I was too concerned with the video at the time, once the video worked, I decided to make use of the other stuff.)