December 29th, 2002

run the fuck away

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Well lets see... Friday night I went to the Power Company, playing as a goth. I don't like the term "posuer", since I really make no pretense of being a goth, I think it's more accurate to describe me as a "tourist".

At any rate, in the shirt Cate made me, along with my hair down and marker on my face and some eyeliner, I was looking quite the goth. Drank a little, danced a little, and smoked too much. Thought a woman was a man in drag, then found out it was just the heroin making her look decayed.

In normal day to day wear, Jeremy dresses fine, if a bit preppie. But when he decides to dress odd... umm, well, there's no truth to the sterotype that gay men have taste. That night he was okay, just a blue latex t-shirt. But I saw him packing for DC, and there was this hideous leather vest.

Eh. Work tomorrow, and Tuesday we head down to K-town for new years eve. Which might actually be at Max's again if my friends downstate have anything to say about it. (It's a tradition)

Anywho... I'm going to go read more of the Stainless Steel Rat (Harry Harrison being mostly serious).