December 7th, 2002

run the fuck away

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Whheeee! I'm naked!

Except I'm not really. Fully clothed even. Beyond fully clothed- I've even got underwear on. Of course, if I weren't wearing underwear, the really shpif pants I stole from Cate would be showing off bits that are best kept to oneself. They're tight, stretchy pants. Except they're loose too, down in the legs. They show off my ass and hips. Even though I don't have any ass and hips, but did anybody ask you?

I finally broke down and got a cool joystick. 5 buttons, top hat, 3-axis, and throttle control. Sure, it's an m-squish, but I found it cheap at malwart, and the Sidewinder series has always been a pretty good control. Playing X-Wing Alliance has become a great deal more... interesting. Especially because now I can bank, perform a rudder turn, while changing my weapons preferences, and targeting that bastard trying to get the drop on me, all with one hand.

This makes me happy.

Now I need a copy of Terminus. [drool]