October 30th, 2002

run the fuck away

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Clove cigarrettes and martini's make one feel oh so yummy. Of course, that was the last of the gin, and I don't have money for more, but that's okay. Right now, I feel ubersmooth.

Oh and look! New BI!
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run the fuck away


I stole the format for this resume from Page, please, make comments! I want a better job!

Remy Porter
123B Second St. Troy, NY 12180 518.272.6323
Email: xisanunknown@hotmail.com

Objective: A position in which I can use my knowledge of programming to create cutting edge, user focused applications. Wishes to develop new technologies and applications.

Profile: Several years experience with various computer operating systems (WindowsNT/2k/XP/98, Linux), many programming languages (C++, VB, PERL, scheme) and scripting languages, database development, object oriented software development, Open GL libraries, web programming in ASP. Experience in technology instruction, in both application software, and technical software development.

Client Support:
Provided instruction to a diverse population of students, from basic software applications like MS Office, but also led classes in C++, UML, and Object Oriented Development. Built a course in Active Server Pages, after quickly mastering the material. Has experience developing with XML and web based scripting, as well as creating COM objects for server extensibility. Has proficiency for creating robust designs and creating efficient code, due to a theory oriented computer science education. Created an application in VBA running on top of Excel, for distribution to users at First Albany, allowing the Excel novice to perform advanced tasks through a menu driven environment. Has been instructing in technical matters for nearly eight months with class sizes averaging 14. Has worked in hands on instruction with fields such as archery, and violin.

Management: Managed all aspects of a summer camp program sponsored by the City of Kingston. Was responsible for seven staff and a quantity of camp related equipment. Managed an archery range, and was responsible for safety and equipment and up to 40 children at any given time. In programming projects, I usually assume a leadership role, spending great effort on managing a staff effectively.

Development: Has an extensive knowledge of C++, as well as several C++ libraries, including STL, OpenGL, and GLUT. Familiar with Visual Basic, and server based development as well as scripting in PERL. Has led classroom exercises in creating data driven, XML and Cold Fusion web sites. Familiar with IDE's such as Visual Studio 6 and KDeveloper Studio. Has worked with, and built courses about UML, and its use in creating robust and scalable applications.

Other Skills: Has worked with Oracle, creating database designs for testing purposes, as well as demonstrating theoretical concepts. Highly experienced in database design using Access, taking on the role of one of the primary Access instructors at New Horizons, teaching everything from the basics to VBA and application design. Is familiar with the structure common operating systems and kernel development working in MINIX. Has a familiarity with common PC hardware, and has consulted for the City of Kingston on such matters. Familiar with the concepts of computer graphics, as well as creating artistic projects with software such as the GIMP and Photoshop.


New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Instructor, Albany, NY Present
Self Employed, Violin Teacher, Albany, NY Present
City of Kingston Parks and Rec., Camp Director, Kingston, NY Summer 2001
Camp Counselor Summer 2000
Siena College, Help Desk Lab Assistant , Loudonville, NY 1999-2001
Camp Trimount, Archery Director, East Jewett, NY Summer 1998-99


B.S. Computer Science
Siena College, Loudonville, NY 2002

Eagle Scout, BSA

REFERENCES: Provided upon request
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