June 15th, 2002

run the fuck away

Who woulda thought...

Okay, lets rewind a few months to get this story in its full oddness.

Back in about Aprilish, as I'd be walking between the bus stop and SarahandDennis's, I'd often be thinking about people I knew, and I kept getting an urge to call paradox0690.

She was pretty close to Amanda and I in freshman year, but we drifted apart after she dropped out and 'Manda and I had the first blow up. But every once in awhile, I kept getting this urge to call her as I walked down one street in Troy.

Guess who I ran into last night? None other than paradox0690! She was at the Bella Morte concert that Cate and I went to at the Fuze Box (muchly fun evening). As paradox0690 and it turns out, I know exactly where her place is, and it just so happens to be on that street.

I'd get the urge to hunt down her number (via Superpages) and call her when I was walking past her house.

I was amused. At any rate, we've swapped personal info, and will probably be visiting each other (living a handful of blocks apart and all).