March 3rd, 2002

run the fuck away

A Nursery Rhyme

"Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet,
And oh what a tuffet she had,
It wasn't quite smooth,
And she didn't use lube,
And that my dear was quite bad."
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run the fuck away

I'm all edumacational an' shiz

Just got back from my first violin lesson with young Katra. Her family is great, the apartment is awesome, and it's overall just an awesome thing. She learns quick, I've now got $30 more than I had and a new violin. They wanted me to stay for pizza, but I politely declined, having just eaten a large breakfast.

Paused at the Triangle, payed my respects to Athena, and then swept onward.

I love Troy. I love Cate. I love pretty much my entire life in general. I love the contradictions between my hope and my nihilism, and the honest lack of contradictions.

I love silly songs.
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run the fuck away

(no subject)

I shouldn't be amused by this, but I am. I am so terribly amused.

Though I'll admit, in LJ I seem oh so boring, that is true... of course, that's because I've been out doing things, which is ever so much more interesting than LJ. And lets go point by point shall we?

I said "I know" twice. The first time, in reference to the return from boston is because I read Greg's LJ. The second was that I knew she didn't mean to ask if I missed her as a girlfriend.

Oh, I'm such a terrible know it all. Evil, evil bad remy. Somebody spank me.

As for full of shit, it's not like I deny being full of shit. I just advocate it as rather good smelling shit, and wonderful fertilizer... liberal application of my shit causes things to grow, or at least has in anybody that has willingly applied it.

Heeehee... but goddamn, that was a funny conversation. Fuckin' hilarious.
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