February 5th, 2002

run the fuck away

On going away for the weekend...

TeslasBrat: i won't be around on saturday as it turns out anyway... cate and I are going to Galway to visit Catefriends...
Sarah: i think i'll make my cake anyway
Sarah: galway ireland?!
TeslasBrat: no, NY
TeslasBrat: I wish.
Sarah: thank gods... if you were going to galway and not at least feeling sorry that i couldn't go, i'd have to switch your shampoo with nair
Sarah: gone all weekend?
TeslasBrat: probably not, because Cate does work on sunday.
TeslasBrat: it's not far away.
Sarah: ok
Sarah: well, wear your mittens, mind your manners, and remember to call if you'll be home late ;-)
TeslasBrat: yes mom.
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run the fuck away

On Fucking Awesome...

While I hate MSquish as much as the next plebe, today I discovered a lovelylovely feature of XP. "Get High Quality Prints of my Pictures".

It ships them off to Kodak, who will mail you prints really really cheap. I randomly sent in a few of my pics, and paid $11.87 for 6 4x6's and 7 5x7's. The pretties will be arriving shortly. If I like the quality, I'm going to seriously go through my collection and get the cream of the crop together for a trip to the Fulton Street Gallery.

Yay artybits.
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(no subject)

Well, today's project is going to be website revisions. Lots of website revisions. I may try and go really out there to impress her, way over the top, just to end this and get her out of my hair. You may desire to watch this for a bit, or periodically check in on them. I won't be starting until after I get a shower squeezed in.

See Remy. See Remy graduate. Graduate Remy, graduate.

Then later, see Remy get a shit job so he has money, while shipping off resumes by the truckload for a reasonable job. Ship Remy, ship.

Thrills, chills and spills, all later today on UPN9- your home for action, adventure and REMY!
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(no subject)

The body is prepared, and the mind is almost ready...

Soon, the difficulties will fall before me... and this fucking webpage will be finished!
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(no subject)

Hrm... the credit card validator was not working simply because of a single curly brace.

I should have known.

As it turns out, there aren't going to be any really interesting updates to my site. I looked at what I needed to do, and realized that why I had scored poorly was because of a few little script things that I had undervalued in terms of how bad they could hurt me.

But I'm having the worst time getting a date last modified script working on the page. Any thoughts?
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run the fuck away

Kaisghie, getekish neuvi baltosh

With this post, with these letters, I reconsecrate this place.

This journal, the communities of which I am a memeber, my friends page, and those whom I am on the friends pages of, and all other permutations of connections here involving me were undertaken for one reason only.

To create a living, breathing, evolving copy of myself in the digital aeyther. This isn't just a compilation of my days, this is me. I wanted my interactions here to form a life, to form my life. Because I want people to see, to understand, I want my part of the human condition to be out there, where anyone who wants to can see it.

This is me.

I am me.
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