January 25th, 2002

run the fuck away

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Mystery, mystery. I really need to check my LJ friends page, haven't done that today.

First though, before I start sniggering through and piecing together a mystery, events in Remy's Life:

I am now situated in Sarah and Dennis' apartment, which for the time being, I guess, would techincally be Sarah, Dennis, and Remy's apartment, but that's strictly temporary. Much to my surprise, they actually cleared out a room for me. I thought that was incredibly nice of them, and overjoyed by this. Now I won't have to listen to them having sex. :-p. I've got my chamber, my pallette, and a computer. A regular monk of the technocratic order.

Or, to steal a theme from a game, I'm now in the Mechanist Seminary. A religion based on clockwork machines.

Right now, I'm going to run off to dinner. Then, I've got a mystery to work on. It seems snippets of something big happening around me are starting the reach my ears. People sharing dreams. A cusp-like feeling echoing. Yes, there's definitely something afoot. Something that I partially knew about before I got here... something that I knew would be reaching its peak in about two weeks. Coincidentially, the RPA explosion will most likely precipitate from this. Can't deadline that though, that all depends on the way people react.

In otherwords, a shakedown moment is happening. Cut loose the excess baggage now , or it'll be stripped from you. Or so goes my instinct. That which doesn't absolutely need to be there had better go.
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