January 5th, 2002

run the fuck away


Type the command, press enter, and the existential quandry is resolved. If I log into my Athena shell, the response is sjp5819. On my own computer the response is remy, or if I'm fixing (read: breaking) things, it's root.

In other words, our society is fucked up becuase Windows and Macs perdominate, and they do not have a nice utility called "whoami" to resolve any existential quandry you might have.

Seems to me identity and relationships are the theme of the week in my Albany cluster... no, not really, only with three of four of them. I always have so many more friends than I usually think of. And then there's me, crusing for a brusing, and well aware of it.

You can't always get what you want, sometimes because what you want isn't what you think you want. Sometimes the temptation drags you into an error, becuase you got what you only thought you wanted.

I must not accept what I think I want.

Grades came, and man, I hated going to 3/4 of my classes. I aced 1/4 of them. Bombed the rest. Funny, ain't it? Rolled in with a 1.92GPA for the semester. Suffice it to say, mis padres were less than content. Well, my mother anyway, good ol' pop doesn't know yet. He's at work. That'll be another long, annoying and pointless tirade.

Le sigh.

Part of me is rethinking inviting Amanda to visit, simply because... errrmm... it's probably going to be messy. Because I've been entertaining thoughts that will just simply not coalesce in reality, and any attempt to do so would cause a nasty reaction.

This too, shall pass. Much like last nights mexican dinner. But man, did that pass with a vengance! Whoo whee! Like a rocket going off on Uranus!
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