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Shit what's this?

It's Remy posting in his LJ.

Yes, I live. Cate and I are heading down to K-town this weekend to get to a ren-faire. And of course, to introduce her to the K-Town peeps. Like Apples.

Err... other news... the apartment we were so excited about is not ours. They decided to give it to someone else who has the same job for fifteen years. I think they were leading us on (saying things like, "Oh, you guys are our first choice). They never even checked our references.


Anyway, we're still looking, and will find the perfect apartment for us, now. Someday we'll have an apartment like that one, but apparently not.

Tonight there's a gathering at Siena. Sarah and Dennis are going, and all the old Siena peeps are going to be there. Cate and I were not invited. ::shrug:: Either that I turned down the invitation because I have to work tomorrow. I can't remember which.

Speaking of work... Bob, who was hired a week or two before me, and who I considered my compatriot in newness, my peer in experience, was let go today. It came as a bit of a shock to me, but apparently he stunk up every class he taught, was dull, uninteresting, and basically a crappy instructor.

Which is sad, because I liked Bob, but I can understand that. Though, I'm with Sue (a friend from work who lives a few blocks from here, a real sweetheart, though she's moving in a few weeks), they should have never hired Bob. When he first showed up, they had known he wasn't a good instructor, but they were desperate, and hired him. The poor guy was unemployed for about a year before he got the job, and then worked for a month, and was fired. I think it would have been better for him to have been looking the entire month than have such a thing happen.

I hope he'll be okay.

Meanwhile, I'm flying up the charts so to speak- I'm becomming management's little pet. I'm perpetually hearing about how much the students love me, about all the good things that trickle up the grapevine about me. Which I have to say, is pretty cool. Now that I'm getting into the swing of the job, I am starting to enjoy it.

I spent a few days this week playing with Powerpoint, and putting together a presentation to replace the one that is currently used to greet students as they walk in. I made a pretty presentation, and then included some macros to make the entire thing streamlined, and update the classes running and the companies visiting automatically, so that everyone is saved work. Chris, the operations manager, loves it. He's going to throw it up on Monday, and surprise Tom (the owner) with it, and see if its a keeper.


Meanwhile, it has been a little odd adjusting to things with work and Cate. But we did. We'd still like more time to spend together. I mean, who wouldn't? We went from nearly perpetual contact to a muchly sparser amount of time together. There's just not enough hours in the day. I should fix that. I need a thirty hour day. That'd be good.

But, I've done a good job of not working when I go home. I'll work my ass off from 7:30-4:30, but once I leave the premises, that's over. I go home, and I do what I damn well please, and there will be no interference.

I am still proud of the job I do, and do like talking about what happens to me today, like having BossTom (the owner) come in, interrupt my class so that he could ask me if I'd be capable of teaching C++, object oriented fundamentals (which is a class for which I'd get paid more). I was like, "Yeah."

In other words, they really like me. Which is cool, because I like it there. And maybe after Cate graduates, I could transfer to the New Horizons in Ireland for a year or two...


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