December 13th, 2001

run the fuck away

Morning, morning with an Uptown Girl

Sad when the song that you're listening to determines your subject.

Anywho... it's morning. I slept almost well. Sat up for awhile having a late night conversation with my roomate, which always reminds me of the old days in trimount, when you've got six guys in a cabin, light's out has been called, but nobody wants to actually get sleep before getting up at 6:30 for work.

My roomate keeps equating it to Sienfeld, mainly because we talk about nothing. For example, we went from Disney to Starwars- not a big jump really, except for the fact that we went there by way of a meteor turning Kansas into a volcano.

I'm not prepared for my 20 minute presentation. ::laugh:: Ah well! I'll pull something out of my ass. I always do.

Tonight's going to be dance practice, and I'm just hoping for some sort of change of pace. Something different. No offense to the friends that I love dearly, I need some time with friends that I love less dearly, and see less often.

I hate having to deal with practicalities of stuff...

"We need a connection but you seem to push me far away from you... the harder I push the farther I fall, well you don't mind me being headstrong, but you don't want to sing along, maybe it's trite, but I can't always, always, always be wrong."
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run the fuck away


It basically sums up to this:

I'm tired, sad, and not up for anything mentally or emotionally straining. I want to sleep for a day.

Catch me at about 2:30, I'll probably be far more cheery.
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run the fuck away

His Will Be done, His Remydom come...


Gate price: $500

Additional Fee for the 16 other Parks, like REpcot Center and RMY Studious: $your soul.

I'm all about the shpif. My existentialism presentation: everyone knew I was unprepared, but they still liked it. I'm all about that.

I just had my last class of my undergraduate career. I'm a little bewildered. Once finals are over and I actually really take some time to think about this, I'm gonna phreak.

But that's not now. Now, I'm actually taking a moment to flip stress the bird and chill out.

So anyway, Missi and I on tuesday had a talk about her writing, and some of what I saw as the weaknesses, and ways she could improve. One such excersise was making varied Whitewolf characters, and she related one to me today that she made a bit ago. Suffice it to say, I thought it was a cool character, and had alot of story potential, so much so in fact, that it inspired a campaign.

Setting: Kerrington, a small city in massachucets. A very suburban, WASP town. Population roughly 17,000.

General concept: characters will be from (preferably) Mage, Changling, and- with some convincing, a Werewolf. It would take herculean convincing to allow a vampre for this reason: this campaign will center on J.Q.Aadams Middle School, and the characters will range in age from 11-13ish (again, none of this is set in stone, but the basic premise is that the players will be middle school kids).

With luck, we'll be starting sometime in January, near the end. With luck, we'll be playing in my apartment. Anywho, if you're interested in this campaign, talk to me, we'll see what's what. Hash out some ideas, etc. It's all very up in the air at the moment.

I love my three dollar silk shirt.
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